Industry Clusters - Shaping the Future of Skills

DSO and PwC join forces to represent the Finance, Technology and Business Sectors

We want to hear your views

The Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) and PwC’s Skills for Australia have joined forces to offer the leadership and capabilities needed to help shape the future of skills in finance, technology and business services.

In December 2021, the Australian Government announced the establishment of a new Industry Cluster model. This is a significant reform which places employers and industry at the heart of the training system, with the goal of ensuring Australia has people with the right skills for the workplace.

The new Industry Clusters combine a number of functions into a single ‘end to end’ approach, focusing on employers and industry needs, identifying skills and delivering the training development priorities for a dynamic workplace. The Industry Clusters will take responsibility for workforce and skills analysis, the development of training packages which address skills needs, the support for the education and training sector to deliver training, and for engaging widely with industry to ensure its needs are understood.

The model proposes nine Industry Clusters, with one cluster bringing together the finance, technology and business sectors. The DSO and PwC have joined forces to take on this opportunity. Together they bring considerable experience, commitment and expertise, capable of driving the new model of skills reform in these critical sectors. This ensures the industry voice is heard while leveraging expertise and scaling data-driven approaches.  They are committed to ensuring that the voice of industry is central, and that skills development is driven by the best analysis, evidence and data.

The DSO is a not for profit organisation and will lead this Cluster, drawing on its experience in spearheading the design and delivery of employer-led approaches to skills development, and putting in place innovative solutions to support employers as they upskill and recruit their workforce. The DSO’s vision to extend this proven approach across the finance and business sectors will bring new momentum and scale to the quest to create a diverse talent pool of skilled workers, helping Australia’s economy to grow and thrive.

The PwC’s Skills for Australia team brings considerable expertise in the vocational education and training (VET) sector across finance, technology and business services. Already a trusted partner in VET, they maintain a strong and established network of key stakeholders and are already managing and developing training packages as a part of the current system. They are at the forefront of driving the skills reform agenda and will accelerate change by bringing this experience to the new model.  

Patrick Kidd, DSO CEO said, “This partnership, led by the DSO, is driven by the urgent need to have a national education and training system which provides people with the skills which employers need. Australia needs a system which is agile, relevant, data-driven and accessible to all. This is an incredible opportunity for all industry players to come together to drive the changes they need to create the workforce of the future.”

We want to hear your views to ensure we can represent the needs of employers and industry in this important work.

Join us for a discussion forum on Thursday 20 January, 1pm to 2pm to:

  • Understanding the biggest challenges you need to address
  • Identifying your highest priority skills needs
  • How best to empower employers and industry to drive the national skills agenda

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