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Simplifying the digital skills sector ensuring training meets the needs of employers.


Developing a workforce with the right digital capabilities is a core requirement of the Government's ambition for Australia to become a world-leading digital economy by 2030. As part of the Australian Government’s $585 million Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow package, the Digital Skills Organisation has been set up to take an evidence-based and industry-led approach to inform the Government's agenda as we help make world-leading digital training more accessible and create a training system that is fast, relevant and responsive to the needs of employers. 

As one of three industry-led Skills Organisation pilots designed to inform broader improvements to the national training system, the DSO looks to build conversations and partnerships with and between industry, employers and training bodies to develop fresh and agile approaches to upskilling new learners and existing members of the workforce. Having been resourced to conduct a series of trials aimed at improving the current VET system, the DSO will help shape the national training system, testing innovative solutions to ensure that digital training meets the skills needs of employers. As we work on identifying skills needs, developing agile qualifications, and improving the quality of training delivery and assessment, we will also be looking to engage with other reforms occurring across the national training system where relevant.

As a part of the broader change agenda for the VET sector, we will execute 3 core programmes* and initiatives aimed at developing sustainable employer-led approaches which will create a digitally upskilled, job-ready workforce.

We work in collaboration with others around some core principles and models:

With success being a collaborative effort, we are eager to hear from anyone keen to join our mission and shape the future.

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