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What are the DSO’s Pilot Projects?

We at the DSO have planned a suite of Pilot Projects to take place over the next year. These projects strive to create a collaborative environment where stakeholders across industry, VET, peak bodies, and government can come together to work on innovative training solutions for digital skills, and solve the challenges facing digital skills training in Australia today. Our projects are designed to increase positive outcomes for both learners and employers, through increased enrolment, completions, and employment. We apply various core principles to our work, including taking an 'End to End View' that seeks to increase the digitally skilled workforce by simplifying end-to-end processes, investing in innovative, different ideas, and maximising outcomes through collaboration with a number of different stakeholders in the sector. 

Focused On A Case for Change

The outcome of our work is a case for change that is used to drive the evolution of the digital skills sector. These 4 objective questions below identify the main areas of the current system which need to be considered through pilot programmes:

  1. How to meet the demand for skilling the Australian workforce for the digital economy?
  2. How best to assure Governments and employers as to the operation of the new model? 
  3. How best to deliver and drive change in the Digital Skills Sector going forward?
  4. How might any new model be funded? 

How are we answering that case for change?

First Pilot Project: Train 100 Data Analysts

Our first pilot project that seeks to test innovative solutions to train 100 Data Analysts is officially underway! Participants from a diverse range of groups, including employers and training bodies, were invited to share innovative and experimental ideas to develop an employer-led approach that will allow training providers the opportunity to create course content specific to employers’ needs. Following the successful completion of the pilot, we will look to scale these approaches to train and employ 1,000 data analysts. To find out more about the Train 100 pilot and the three training providers who have been awarded contracts to test their training solutions, click here

To hear from and listen to the DSO's CEO Patrick Kidd and the three pilot representatives:

  • Sally Browner – Goanna, ICT Indigenous training provider
  • Ryan Mayer – General Assembly, online training provider
  • Jackie French – Tafe Queensland

as they investigate and discuss what has worked, what hasn’t worked and unpack insights into this project, please view the DSO Q1 Livestream Showcase Recording  






Registrations for the first Pilot Program have now closed, however, please subscribe below if you would like us to get in touch with information regarding upcoming projects.

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