Training Providers

Why are we talking to you?

Universities and vocational education across Australia are producing around 10,000 professionals when we need around 60,000 a year.

That is a massive gap.

To close this gap, DSO recognising training and education is key to achieving digital skills and getting people into technology careers. We are passionate about the power of vocational education and training. It is a world-class system that produces learners who can go on to deliver great things for Australian industries. However, we must also recognise the need for change to get more people the training they need to match fast moving technology.

The solution lies in adopting a skills-based approach.

A skills-based approach:

  • Understands and evaluates the capabilities of individuals based on the skills they’ve developed through all sources (experience, formal and informal training).
  • Is outcome-focused, aligning with the needs of employers seeking to hire talent that can produce the outputs required, regardless of their educational journey.
  • Unlocks the potential of a more diverse digital workforce.
  • Promotes life-long learning to remain current in the ever changing digital space, driving continuous innovation and achieving competitive advantage.
  • Uplifts the general population.

To achieve a skills-based approach DSO is offering:

Digital Skills Standards:

Industry standards based on what employers need, helping training providers to align consistency of training outcomes. These open up opportunities, irrespective of how individuals are trained, which will accelerate capacity and capability and increase an individual's transferability.

To aid training providers, DSO can provide supporting tools and employers who are keen to work with them.

Digital Skill Pathways:

Forging new digital pathways that understand the skills needed for occupations with a unifying language and taxonomy will help align employers, learners and training providers. Training providers can trial and use the pathway process to design education or training strategies inline with employer priorities.

Networks of Excellence:

To enable skills based training, DSO will connect tools and resources to support standards and pathways in practice. The network is open to all and based on trails of skills-based training solutions. The solutions are aligned to a particular digital skills pathway e.g. software developer or cyber security and incorporate resources and support based on implementing and using a skills-based approach.

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