Technology Council of Australia Roadmap to Deliver One Million Tech Jobs

The Technology Council of Australia (TCA) unveiled an impressive Roadmap to Create One Million Tech Jobs. Like the DSO, the Roadmap emphasises the importance of developing Australian talent and the need to improve our digital skills.

According to the Roadmap (as well as Accenture 2021, The Economic Contribution of the Technology Sector), Australia has a massive opportunity.

"Australia's technology sector...contributes $167 billion to GDP annually and employs 861,000 people."

Now is the time to get more Australians into tech jobs, which are increasingly well-paying, secure, and offer flexible roles across industries.

To meet this challenge, more than 140 000 existing workers will need to be re-skilled from other roles, as well as new digital talent recruited. It was especially encouraging to see the report states that the "tech sector is willing to give anyone a shot." 42 percent of tech workers do not have a degree, and the report emphasised the importance of alternative forms of education such as VET.

To achieve the sector’s full potential, and reach the tech sector’s target of employing 1 million people in tech jobs by 2030 and contributing $250bn to GDP, Australia will need to:

The Roadmap recognises the importance of collaboration and establishes specific goals for industry and government to work towards. Responding to this challenge will necessitate encouraging people from all backgrounds to try the various digital career pathways, as well as increasing the capacity and capability of our schools, registered and non-registered training providers, and higher education.

The DSO can help to address this challenge by working with employers to identify and define their skill needs and associated standards, describing digital career pathways in a way which makes digital careers more accessible, and building capability and capacity by importing best practice. Through projects such as the DSO's Train 100 Data Analysts trial and the Cremorne Project, we are demonstrating approaches in collaboration with registered training providers that will generate entry-level talent into work with the necessary skills in weeks and months.

View TCA's full Roadmap here

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