Ronald Jackson

Ronald Jackson

Ronald commenced with the DSO in December 2021. Prior to the DSO Ronald was part of the team at TAFE Directors Australia, for nearly five years, as Director of Strategy and Tertiary Education. Canberra based, Ronald is an experienced public policy adviser, a reformist in public policy and organisational purpose, and a key member of project teams and taskforces, including the establishment of teams. During his time in Canberra Ronald has been a political, economic and policy adviser to Cabinet Ministers, a Treasury official, as well as active leader within numerous government taskforces.  Prior to the government sector, Ronald worked with companies such as BP Australia, the Harpur Group of the United Kingdom, and for National Mutual Assets Management. Educated in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, Ronald has a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing from Griffith University, Queensland, specialising in the analysis of firms and industries and market framed consumer and producer choice.

What inspired you to join the DSO?

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a National Press Club speech in Canberra, ‘When I was Treasurer, it used to really frustrate me, I’ve got to say, it used to trouble me that small and medium sized businesses, particularly small, were not yet taking up digital technology as fast as they could. And this was holding them back. That was the frustration.’  With SMEs accounting for over 99.5 per cent of all employing Australian businesses (ABS data), that alone is the inspiration.  The DSO provides an opportunity to positively impact Australia’s national interest, and that of our region, to create the framework for all Australians to share in economic prosperity and the flow-on social and democratic dividends. I am humbled to have this opportunity, and the accompanying responsibility, with the DSO.

What do 'digital skills' mean in your life and business?

There are two things that drive a post-industrial open trading global integrated economy and society.  Ultimately, it’s People and Data.  ‘Digital’ knowledge and skills and ‘technology’ transforms and enables people in life and in business, irrespective of background.  I see ‘digital’ as a leveller, a unifier, as well as an enabler of solutions for life and for business.

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