Rachel Bondi

Rachel Bondi

Rachel Bondi began her career at Microsoft in the Australia subsidiary as a partner account manager and moved to the Microsoft headquarter team in 1999. She earned her Bill Gates Chairman’s Award in 2001 and held a number of senior leadership roles in the Corporate Marketing team during her time in the US. As Chief Partner Officer, Rachel Bondi leads a strategy which focuses on investing for growth in Microsoft’s world class partner ecosystem; driving the innovation they make across cloud platforms to deliver digital transformation for their customers. Rachel is also a Member of Champions of Change - Microsoft Partners which was established in 2020 in partnership with Microsoft Australia.

What inspired you to join the Board?

At Microsoft, I’ve made a successful career by taking responsibility for my intentions, and every action has an equal reaction in our 300k partner ecosystem. This is what the board opportunity represents to me, the ability to bring the power and scale of collaboration underpinned by an intention to make a difference. I’m inspired to play a part in enabling the DSO to achieve its vision and the requirements of industry with government. I’m motivated to bring my experience in developing frameworks which foster individual respect and put an emphasis on valuing the abilities and differences of an individual in the workplace. In the process, I’m determined to attract and encourage more women to support addressing the widening skills gap.

What do ‘digital skills’ mean in your life and business?

I first became a Mum in 2007 and a second time in 2010 and I’m in constant conversation with my children on STEM topics. I’m motivated to expand on that conversation to inspire young Australians and in the process demystify careers in technology. While my experience in business has taught me about the importance of long-range planning, Motherhood has taught me about legacy, deliberate choices and resilience.

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