Qualification Design Trial

Skills Organisation Pilots are undertaking qualification design trials to help address the changing skills needs of employers and individuals.

The DSO qualification design trial is testing new evidence-led approaches to designing digital qualifications and training that meet the skills needed for a job in the digital sector. Trials will also be run by the other two Skills Organisation Pilots in Mining and Human Services.

The trials aim to achieve:

  • Qualifications that recognise common skills, deliver broader vocational outcomes and promote individual mobility and labour market resilience
  • A reduction in unnecessary training product duplication
  • A reduction in training product complexity
  • An enhanced relationship between training products, training needs and employment pathways
  • Greater training product flexibility and enhanced responsiveness to changing industry need
  • Improved articulation and pathways between education sectors.

We are undertaking a qualification design trial to ensure digital training better meets the evolving skills needs of employers and individuals. As part of the trial, we will work with industry and training organisations to focus on skills for data analysts as well as the more general digital literacy skills required by individuals, industry and employers.

Read more about the trial here: Minister release

To view a recording of Workforce of the future: Getting the qualifications right event, click here.

Skills Organisation Pilots are undertaking the qualification design trials as part of immediate skills reforms agreed by Australian, State and Territory Skills Ministers, under the auspices of the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform.

Qualification Reforms

Improving national VET qualifications across industry occupation clusters and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) has been identified as an immediate priority under the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform to strengthen the training system and support Australia’s economic recovery.

To find out more about qualification reforms visit the Skills Reform page.