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Digital is “the new black” for companies that want to thrive. What does “digital” really mean? Is it about technology? A new way of engaging with customers? Cost saving? Search Engine Optimisation? Remote capable handsets? Smart phones? Cloud computing?

Business solutions need to be relevant, meaningful and sustainable. In the fast paced world of digital innovation it can be tempting to adopt what may appear to be “the new black” in digital solutions. At DSO we believe that digital mastery in business should be seen less as “a new thing” and more as “the way things are done around here”. Digital mastery needs to be embedded in business culture from bottom to top for a business to innovate and achieve the business goals. Digitally skilled employees are crucial to business digital mastery.

At DSO - we define the problem this way - digital skills training must:

  • Create value both internally and externally.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Build operational capabilities.

To deliver on these objectives we need to strengthen Australia’s digital workforce. It’s that simple.

Australia has an opportunity to change its future, increase productivity and realign traditional training sector methods to benefit all Australians.

All our works fall under 4'E objectives:

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