What are the DSO’s Pilot Projects?

What are the DSO’s Pilot Projects?

The DSO have planned a suite of Pilot Projects to take place over the next year. These projects strive to create a collaborative environment where stakeholders across industry, VET, peak bodies, and government can come together to work on innovative training solutions for digital skills. Our projects are designed to increase positive outcomes for both learners and employers, through increased enrolment, completions, and employment.

We apply various core principles to our work, including taking an 'End to End View' that seeks to increase the digitally skilled workforce by simplifying end-to-end processes, investing in innovative, different ideas, and maximising outcomes through collaboration with a number of different stakeholders in the sector.

Focused On A Case for Change
The outcome of our work is a case for change that is used to drive the evolution of the digital skills sector. The 4 objective questions laid out below identify the main areas of the current system which need to be considered through pilot programmes.

  1. How to meet the demand for skilling the Australian workforce for the digital economy?
  2. How best to assure Governments and employers as to the operation of the new model?
  3. How best to deliver and drive change in the Digital Skills Sector going forward?
  4. How might any new model be funded?

How are we answering that case for change?

First Pilot Project: Train 100 Data Analysts

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