Liselle Pote

Liselle Pote

Liselle brings a professional career that spans equally across sectors of Industry, Government and Education at executive level to her role at DSO as Chief Product Officer. Liselle has led organisations through major transformation and change projects and more recently implemented a new vocational program for the Victoria Dept of Education and Training. Inherently creative, Liselle's ability to to design solutions and resolve complex business challenges has been well tested and proven. Having developed great insights across a breadth of industry, leading large workforces and innovating legacy frameworks, Liselle is best known for positively challenging the status quo and scaling organisations.

What inspired you to join DSO?

DSO is influencing the digital capability across Australia and importantly addressing the ability to access relevant digital training required for our workforce, current and emerging. I have been a dedicated advocate and passionate professional of creating stronger links between industry and training, skills and jobs, and bridging the gap of our National skill shortage.DSO are critical to building solutions that are focussed on these areas..

DSO also has a responsibility to ensure digital skills can be obtained by all Australians and this aligns with my own drive to create fairer and more equitable opportunities, especially in our marginalised communities. To be part of DSOs ambitions and help materialise outcomes that will serve our national prosperity and our Nation's ability to be a global competitor is a professional privilege.

What do ‘digital skills’ mean in your life and business?

Our life grid is underpinned by a digital framework! The conveniences we have come to expect and the speed with which we can navigate life is enabled through digital advancement. The magnitude of digital impact in our day is mostly invisible and often unconscious to its power and what it enables. It is the glue that binds our life.

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