Katie Thomson

Katie Thomson

Katie is the Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at the Digital Skills Organisation. With a Bachelor of Professional Communications and Media studies, Katie has developed interdisciplinary skills in the fields of journalism, media, advertising, and public relations. With a number of additional qualifications behind her, including Project Management Fundamentals and Change Management accreditation from APMG, Katie possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills that allow her to bring an enthusiastic approach to help drive the work of the DSO.

What inspired you to join DSO?

Driven by the DSO’s efforts to make real change, I was particularly inspired by their commitment to better the digital economy by ensuring employees are industry-ready with relevant digital skills. By working hard to ensure training is made more accessible and consumable, the DSO continues to captivate my passions as we endeavour to meet the digital workforce needs of tomorrow and provide better opportunities for all.

What do ‘digital skills’ mean in your life and business?

Digital skills are reshaping how we as a nation live, work and thrive in everyday life. These skills play a vital role in helping us succeed in both our professional and personal lives as we move through a world that is fast-paced and ever-changing. By equipping people with the relevant digital skills and knowledge, we as a society are able to grow exponentially, bettering the lives of Australian’s across the nation.

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