Digital Toolbox

Digital upskilling has never been so important

We have launched the DSO Toolbox to close the national digital skills gap & improve digital capability for all.

Employers can use the tools, which include an assessment, to understand the digital skills status of their own organisations, or allow individuals to gain a better understand their own digital potential.

From aptitude testing, self paced human skills’ learning, free courses and a “Next Gen’’ lifelong learning support tool, our Digital ToolBox pilot provides you exclusive access to develop your team's digital skills, obtaining immediate value within your organisation.



How does the toolbox help you?

These are free online tools designed to be turn-key, addressing specific needs and providing immediate value.

A collection of FREE tools which enable digital upskilling, powered by four partners: WithYouWithMe, Skill Finder, Maxme, and Degreed.

Accelerate the upskilling of your employees for free.

Targeted, agile and rapid approach to skills development.

Ability to gain valuable insight into workforce talent gaps.

Gain entry to curated platforms offering a range of digital courses from leading providers.

Access to guided support and easy to use online tools.

Digital ToolBox Products

DSO Discover, powered by WYWM:

Supports employees making informed choices about themselves about what training to do. Organisational access to this world leading software and supporting services that allows organisations and individuals to assess aptitude and alignment against digital skills and pathways of learning.

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DSO Boost, powered by Maxme:

Raise individual human skills capability through a gamified learning experience that individually curates your upskilling needs.

Organisational access to progressive software technology focussed on developing highly valued sought after human skills such as communication, collaboration and creative thinking.

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Digital Readiness Assessment Tool

Allows you to find out what your business is doing well and what you can do to improve your digital maturity.

Based on your answers you will receive a report benchmarking your business’s digital readiness against other Australian businesses and a list of recommendations to action.

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DSO SkillUp, powered by Skill Finder:

Enables candidates to be profiled and matched with courses in Skillfinder.

Organisational access to one of Australia’s leading online skills marketplaces, unlocking over 2,300 online courses and the ability to curate skills against identified digital career pathways.

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Set your people up for success

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there costs involved across the pilot
DSO has developed the ‘Toolbox’ platform to provide employers access to free online training during the Proof of Concept stage. No cost will be passed onto the employers during the pilot.
What happens at the end of the pilot and arrangements with providers?
DSO will be able to work with each employer at the end of the pilot to discuss ongoing relationships with the ‘Toolbox’ partners.
Will this take up a lot of my team’s time in setting up or participating?
The onboarding process will take minimal time and you will have access to the tool and tech support during the pilot.
What Support will I be provided?
During your onboarding process to the pilot we will outline the customer and tech support for each of the platforms in the ‘Toolbox’.
What will happen with the data provided and collected?
The data collected during the pilot will be kept confidential and provided to your organisation only. The results of the pilot will be aggregated without referencing organisations to provide a result for the pilot itself.
What are the terms and conditions in using each of these platforms in the tool box?
The DSO will require your organisation to sign the MOU and agree to the survey at the end of the pilot. Outside of these conditions there are no other conditions to meet during the pilot.