Digital Fluency - Skills Pilot

Why is this important?

The Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) is funded by the Commonwealth Government and is focussed on increasing the number of people who have digital skills, from basic through to high level. All Australian workers now need some level of digital skills aligned to tasks such as recording orders, deliveries, timesheets and budgets. It is no longer something that can be left to the specialists in the organisation.

Fast and free digital training

As an alternative to lengthy and expensive training courses, the DSO and partners offer employees short, practical online training. The training is based on ‘Digital Skills Standards’ that have been developed with industry, reflecting in-demand skills and designed to ensure workplace relevance.

The training is free of charge (if registered by 30 June 2022) reflecting the pilot approach to test new methods of up-skilling across a variety of digital skills and across multiple industries. The immediate opportunity for you is to take part in the Digital Fluency Standard pilot.

On average the program takes around 20 hours, is delivered online and can be done at a pace to suit busy employees with no disruption to normal day to day work. It is best done on a laptop or personal computer, but a tablet or mobile phone can also work.

Skills included are:

  • Use digital devices to perform workplace tasks
  • Use software or mobile applications to perform routine and simple workplace tasks
  • Managing and storing information
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Safe online practices in the workplace
  • Use online communication tools to send digital content across networks and the internet
  • Use digital collaboration tools to meet with, share and collaborate with colleagues
  • Locate and collate digital information
  • Make online transactions

Taking part is straightforward

  1. Employers (with support from DSO and partners) choose who from their organisations will take part in the up-skilling pilot.
  2. Employees are enrolled and take a brief digital skills assessment, a nonintrusive online survey.
  3. Employers and employees are presented with the assessment results, leading to tailored learning programs to achieve the standard.
  4. At the successful completion of the course employees are awarded the Digital Fluency Standard.

Please complete the form below to register your interest and the DSO team will be in touch!

For any questions regarding pilots, please email