David Masters

David Masters

David Masters is the Director of Global Public Policy at Atlassian and is currently the Chair of the Information and Communication Technology Industry Reference Committee and Co-Chair of the Skills and Talent Subcommittee of the Technology Council of Australia. David has previously been the Corporate Affairs Director for Microsoft Australia, ICT Practice Director for public affairs consultancy Parker & Partners and has worked for the Australian Government as a senior public servant and adviser on a range of ICT policy issues.

What inspired you to join the Board?

The DSO represents an incredible opportunity to create new training pathways into an exciting digital career. The industry leaders that have come together have a shared passion for growing the pool of skilled Australians who can successfully build, deploy and integrate technologies across all areas of business and society.

What do ‘digital skills’ mean in your life and business?

As someone whose career has been focused on technology policy for the last two decades, I’ve witnessed digital technologies become deeply embedded into all sectors of the Australian economy. I’ve been lucky to have played a role in the training system for the last four years and believe strongly that improving the nation’s digital skills will deliver the next wave of economic prosperity.

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