Cremorne Project

Addressing a local problem with a local solution

Pilots provide valued opportunities to trial and evaluate our model in practice, bringing to life pathways through collaboration.

The Cremorne Project, aims to accelerate the training of digital professionals in close collaboration with progressive local employers and registered training provider (RTO) Kangan Institute.

Since its conception, employers from the Cremorne Project have been highly invested in broadening talent within their precinct as their engagement allows direct influence on the training of prospective employees to ensure they can match the skills with their business needs.

To ensure we deliver training that benefits both learners and employers, this trial project revolves around a work-integrated learning-based traineeship that includes apprenticeships, “on the job” experience and class-based training using real-world scenarios.

As we expand the funnel in a local area for people who would not normally have considered a career in digital, this project will also have a significant focus on delivering diversity across the sector.

Digital Centres of Excellence

As we look to scale our initiatives, this co-designed project will be the first in a series of Digital Centres of Excellence that unites local employers and training providers to build training courses that deliver the necessary digital skills that local employers so desperately require.

The co-designing of curriculum and validating of learner outcomes for students will be supported by a wide range of industry partners, in a consultative process that aims to achieve clarity around student graduate outcomes. Such consultation will also ensure VET teachers remain vocationally current.

Spin-off activities will ensure the system works not only with large organisations with considerable capacity but also deliver excellent support to the very important small to medium enterprises (SME) that account for up to 70% of our workforce, and to rural and regional employers as well.

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