Cremorne Project

Addressing a local problem with a local solution

Cremorne, Melbourne has been developing a reputation as a fast growing digital hub which is host to many of Australia’s most well known technology brands.

To power their continued growth the employers at Cremorne share a common need for talent with relevant digital and technology skills. This often puts them in competition for talent.

In July 2021, the DSO launched a pilot with Kangan Bendigo TAFE and employers in Cremorne Technology area, including carsales, LiveTiles, REA, InfoXchange and MYOB to put in place a pipeline for entry level talent using the skills-based approach. This project is now finalising the design phase where employers have come together to select the skills clusters which most meet their needs.


Digital Centres of Excellence

As we look to scale our initiatives, this co-designed project will be the first in a series of Digital Centres of Excellence that unites local employers and training providers to build training courses that deliver the necessary digital skills that local employers so desperately require.

The co-designing of curriculum and validating of learner outcomes for students will be supported by a wide range of industry partners, in a consultative process that aims to achieve clarity around student graduate outcomes. Such consultation will also ensure VET teachers remain vocationally current.

Spin-off activities will ensure the system works not only with large organisations with considerable capacity but also deliver excellent support to the very important small to medium enterprises (SME) that account for up to 70% of our workforce, and to rural and regional employers as well.

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