Congratulations to our DSO Chair, Yasmin Allen, for being appointed Tic:Toc chair

Yasmin Allen understands that digital is impacting all our business models right across the economy. This has accelerated through COVID and highlights a critical shortage of skills. Her latest role as Chair of innovative home loan lender, Tic:Toc highlights the importance of new platform business models, which Yasmin says “is only just starting”.

Patrick Kidd, DSO CEO said, “It is great news to see Yasmin appointed in this role. Her guidance is invaluable as our Chair and I know Tic:Toc will gain so much by having her on the team in this key leadership position. ”

Like the DSO, Tic:Toc is a disruptive company shaking up the home loan industry. DSO is impressed with Tic:Toc’s world-first technology that allows its customers to apply for a home loan - wherever you want, whenever you want.

"I am excited to accept the Chair role at Tic:Toc, an Australian technology success story with a unique value proposition and global growth potential - we need more companies like this in Australia," Yasmin said.

"The company is challenging an industry characterised by high costs and uninspiring customer experiences through innovative technology, while elevating its enterprise business. Platforms are eating the world, and I see huge opportunities for Tic Toc to ride the innovation wave globally."

At DSO, we are on a mission to simplify digital and the tech industry and accelerate the production of much needed digital skills. We applaud Tic:Toc for its inventive ways to streamline the home loan application process to under one hour and with significantly lower costs.

With Yasmin at the Chair, Tic: Toc has a huge opportunity to continue to grow and accelerate. We can’t wait to see how they continue their mission to simplify the lending industry, with the best part being that they have built their own technology.

Yasmin said she was impressed by the CEO, Anthony Baum's "humility, ambition, passion and commitment to the business, which has helped build a high performing company with an exciting growth trajectory.”

In addition to being our Chair, Allen is also the Chair for not-for-profit organisations Harrison Riedel Foundation and Along with being a non-executive director at the ASX, Cochlear, Santos and the George Institute for Global Health..

Prior to her directorships, Yasmin had an extensive career in investment banking, including as Vice President of Deutsche Bank, Director of ANZ Investment Bank in Sydney and Director with HSBC in London.

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