Workforce of the Future - Getting the Qualifications Right

Workforce of the Future - Getting the Qualifications Right

As part of its broader strategic engagement process, Department of Education, Skills & Employment (DESE) has created the Workforce of the Future event series that brings together business leaders and experts working with the three Skills Organisation Pilots to discuss the future of Australia's workforce.

Australia’s future economic prosperity depends on a skilled, mobile workforce that can meet the needs of industry. As the nature of work globally changes, qualifications need to address the changing skills needs of employers and prepare individuals for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

In this sixth event of the series, DSO board member and Readytech CEO Marc Washbourne joined industry leaders from the Skills Organisation Pilots to share their respective organisation's insights, discuss their approaches, and reflect on what needs to be done to simplify and improve national VET qualifications.

“Getting digital skills right is enormously important for the future of Australia in a global and digital economy,” Mr Washbourne said. “It has been said that software is eating the world and that is absolutely true; digital transformation is happening everywhere.”

The ReadyTech CEO noted that current digital skills qualifications are seen as unwieldy and rigid, and are challenged to stay aligned and up-to-date with the pace of change in technology.

“A minimum digital qualifications standard must be set and the training then enriched with employer-led content,” he said

“Employers value more than digital skills. They also value a growth mindset. They want hustle. Training providers can then incorporate that as an additional element in the training.”

Mr Washbourne said flexibility of training is critical and that learning needs to continue as digital workers transition into employment.

“With digital skills the best place to learn is on the job, in teams and with peers,” he said.

To view a recording of this livestream event please click here: Workforce of the Future - Getting the Qualifications Right

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