Why work will never be the same (and why that’s a good thing)

Why work will never be the same (and why that’s a good thing)

The overnight shift from obligatory 9-5, office-centric requirements to now working from the comfort of your own home has been the hot topic of discussions for the past two years.

Whilst we aren't here to list the pros and cons of working from home (WFH), we are here to recognise the incredible outcomes that we as a team have been able to accomplish in light of this new way of work.

For many start-ups, WFH is a practical solution to growth and affordability. For larger-scale organisations, remote work was often viewed in skepticism. The pre-COVID assumption being that remote work went hand-in-hand with a decrease in productivity and efficiency.

However, as the world was given a rare opportunity to redefine how we do our jobs and run our businesses, it became clear that five days a week in an office would soon be a thing of the past.

As a government initiative, ironically born in digital, DSO skipped over the traditional ways of work and found ourselves in this exciting and sometimes terrifying ‘fail fast and move on’ culture.

Since our conception, we have been a small, albeit mighty team, who share a sense of mutual connection and purpose. From a remote start-up perspective, we are not barricaded in our thinking about how our organisational structures should run. Instead, we’ve had the privilege of figuring it out as we go and given the elbow room to take risks.

“We would have never made such progress in the organisation in 12 months had we not been in lockdown and working virtually. The pace and productivity is infinitely greater and I’d say we haven’t lost much, if any, in culture or collaboration,” said Chief Partnerships Officer, Ross Raeburn.

The shift from a traditional work setting to an independent virtual one has seen an increase in employee satisfaction with FlexJobs’ 10th Annual Survey finding 70% of respondents believed a permanent remote job would have a considerable improvement on their mental health.

For employers, personal satisfaction of their employees should be seen as equally beneficial for their organisation as the costs in turnover, absenteeism and lower productivity tend to decrease.

The added benefit of not being confined by the location of an office includes the ability to embrace inclusivity and diversity more than ever. By hiring people from different socioeconomic, geographic and cultural backgrounds, we have had the pleasure of merging past experience with future vision.

“Diversity of thought is a key driver within the DSO – and the momentum that we’ve been able to achieve comes from the diverse teams who are able to bring all points of view to the table,” said Director of Digital Concepts, Geethani Nair.

As we close out our final day of the year with a virtual meeting, animated backgrounds and drink in hand, we will toast to all that we’ve achieved and look forward to the next phase of growth and success.

Merry Christmas,

DSO Team.

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