VET Reform, Industry Skills Clusters & DSO Intention

VET Reform, Industry Skills Clusters & DSO Intention

Excited to hear about the recent DESE announcement on Vocational Education Training ( VET) reforms to drive our skills-led economic future.

Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert, said the reforms will drive system improvements, ensure qualifications are updated faster so they meet the needs of industry and help students upskill or reskill for new and emerging jobs.

Since our inception we have been advocating for a skills-based approach and proving its success through piloting new approaches in the VET sector and facilitating more meaningful employer engagement. This can be seen in these pilots:

  • The Cremorne Project: brings together CarSales, LiveTiles, MYOB, REA Group and InfoXchange with registered training provider (RTO) Kangan Institute to agree upon a syllabus, process and practice that will best suit local employer needs to accelerate the training of digital professionals.
  • The Train-100 Data Analysts pilot: leverages methods to provide digital skills with the aim of discovering more accessible and inclusive digital skills pathways to create a more diversified talent pool with employer-required skills.
  • The DSO qualification design: tests new evidence-led approaches to designing digital qualifications and training that meet the skills needed for a job in the digital sector.

The success of our work to date, reflects our commitment to broad and effective engagement, recognising the shared responsibility and working closely with employers, associations and peak bodies and training provider reps to discuss approaches.

“The number of Australians employed in ‘indirect’ tech jobs such as finance, education and public administration matches the total number of workers in the mining sector (250,000)” - Technology Council of Australia

Australia’s economy needs digital skilled talent, fast, DSO is uniquely positioned to lead the changes needed to meet the digital skills gap. The DSO will be submitting an application to be appointed the cluster lead for the Finance, Technology and Business Skills Cluster.

Finance, technology and business industries are a set of services which have many similarities, spanning all industries, all workers. The cluster needs to produce people with the right skills to be applied across a range of industries and roles.

This is how the DSO has been working in the digital sector, through the application of a skills based approach across all industries based on the following elements:

  1. Skills pathways: A signposted journey that leads an individual or organisation to understand the skills needed for occupations. Each pathway is shaped by industry demand and described in a unifying language and taxonomy recognised by all, to help align employers, learners and training providers.
  2. Skills standards: Employer-led digital skills that describe the critical skills to be demonstrated by a learner irrespective of how that learner is trained.
  3. Centres Of Excellence: DSO endorsed networks of specialist training providers who are experts  in the skills-based approach. They enable skills based training, workforce skill analysis, and provide expert skills-based training solutions aligned to a particular digital skills pathway.

This announcement is an important step forward. By reducing the numbers of Industry Reference Committees, simplifying approval processes, and empowering employers to drive the skills system,  Australia has a great opportunity to put in place a simpler end to end approach able to meet the needs of employers, learners, and training providers.

Digital sits at the heart of the future success of any industry.

The DSO will leverage what it has learned and work with the best skills service providers to take on a leading role in the Finance, Technology and Business Skills Cluster.

Only by working together can we drive the change and close the digital skills gap Australia needs. Help us by joining the journey

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