Three Things we Learned at the Innovation Showcase

Three Things we Learned at the Innovation Showcase

Future-proofing Australia's digital and tech industry hinges on future generations' technological capabilities. In a recent discussion with the Digital Employment Forum (DEF), we looked at ways to inspire more young people to pursue a career in technology.

One of the most important learnings we’re coming across in the DEF is recognising the barriers employers face in accessing skilled tech labour. During the second Innovation Showcase, it became apparent that there are simple and effective ways in which industry can drive consideration of these in-demand careers amongst young people, to open a doorway they didn’t consider previously.

Listening to the incredible insights from EarlyWorks, Year13 and Forage employers, we were able to ascertain three standout, and enormously practical, things that employers could do in order to attract brilliant young talent to their organisation.

1. Go where the candidates are

Seems simple enough, right? But you’d be surprised at how many employers get this wrong. Get your comms and marketing plans right and illustrate, clearly and concisely, the plentiful opportunities a career in tech offers.

Hot tip: Build your relationship with fresh, young talent by developing a stronger presence on their campuses.

2. Look beyond traditional hiring

University isn’t the only way to get brand buy-in from enthusiastic up and comers. Practical, hands-on training, integrating experience programs and skill set development opportunities are all fantastic ways to spark the imagination and appetite of those who might occupy roles not yet even created yet within your organisation.

Hot Tip: Think inside the box. That will help you create structure and prevent you from being paralysed by the challenge of changing hearts and minds.  

3. Demystifying digital careers
When it comes to the youth of today, there is no longer a “talent shortage”, it's about awareness. As employers, you must provide young people with explanatory content around readily available pathways and advertise content on how various roles work. For example, ‘A day in the life of a Creative Designer at Atlassian’ might be one way you could articulate your offering.

Hot Tip: Cut to the core of what they might expect and your uptake will increase exponentially.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you got a longer list for enticing a younger generation through the doors of your organisation? Or have these helped? We’d love to hear from you.

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