The sharpest tool in the box

The sharpest tool in the box

The DSO's Digital Toolbox has come a long way since its launch in September 2021

The Digital Toolbox offers a range of free (yes, free!) training solutions to help close the national digital skills gap and improve digital capability for all.

The toolbox pilot provides exclusive access to develop digital skills offering immediate value. Employers can use the platform to understand the digital skills status of their own organisations or individuals can gain a better understanding of their own digital potential.

DSO Boost, just one of the many free tools available, is powered by Maxme and offers users the ability to increase capabilities though a gamified “soft skills” training app.  

To put the tool through its paces we identified five employer groups to  engage in our toolbox pilot. Whilst the activity is due to complete mid-August, the results and feedback so far have been superb.

‌KEY INSIGHT:  100% of participants who completed the wrap up survey agree they are‌ ‌better equipped with the key skills they need as a result of completing the‌ various learning topics.‌

That’s amazing!  

But don't take our word for it. Feedback from participants in the pilot has been thoroughly encouraging:

"I've always believed professional life is more about human relationships. This program was something that strongly reinforced that belief and taught the importance of focusing on my strengths. " - VicWise
“The program made me feel comfortable in speaking my truth, disclosing internal barriers that I apply to myself to share things that I'm ashamed of but that most people experience and just need confidence to look at and see where I can improve.” - Detector Inspector

It has been fascinating to note that there seems to be a subset of highly engaged users in each cohort going above and beyond the program topics and points to a healthy appetite for digital skills from organisations and individuals alike.

The intention of this activity is to build critical self-awareness, creative problem-solving, communication skills for increased engagement, productivity and career satisfaction.

More updates on this exciting pilot scheme to follow. And, if you’d like to learn more please visit this link - DSO Boost.  

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