Ron Jackson joins the digital journey

Ron Jackson joins the digital journey

DSO are extremely excited to announce Ron Jackson will be joining DSO as Head of Policy, Research and Evaluation in December 2021.

Ron brings a breadth of knowledge from his experience at TAFE Directors Australia along with roles in public policy, pivotal task forces and private sector roles. Through bringing more VET and policy expertise in house, DSO will be able to further demonstrate the value of a skills-based approach with the national education system and how more employers can benefit by working with the sector.

Ron said, “Joining DSO provides many synergies with the work I have done to date, not only with my most recent role with TAFE across the post-school sector but also with my engagement with a skills-based approach. In the last four years I started to advocate, along with others, for skills training and education policies for all Australians that are critical to creating opportunity for all, irrespective of background, in an open, globally competitive, trade based economy and for an inclusive society.”

In this new role, Ron will contribute unique tertiary education and skill training sector insights on how we can drive change across the sector, faster, through our pilots such as the Train-100 Data Analysts pilot and the Cremorne Project. As well as draw on experience from delivering an outcomes-outputs framework for the operation of government to help DSO implement and deliver on:

  • Describing simple digital skills pathways to make digital career opportunities more accessible to more people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Delivering a number of employer digital skills standards to provide consistency across the sector and give confidence to employers, learners and training providers about desired outcomes.
  • Developing digital ‘centres of excellence’ amongst registered training providers have expertise in the delivery of employer led  skills based approach.

“I am excited to use my employment and education experience to push employer-led opportunities at this disruptive organisation. As a passionate advocate for education policy as an economic issue, I believe DSO is making real changes and I want to help drive equity of opportunity irrespective of background in Australia's national interest.”

Big welcome to Ron!

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