Q3 Showcase: Closing the Australian digital skills gap

Q3 Showcase: Closing the Australian digital skills gap
“I’m always struck by the fact we're on the cusp of history. We can change the world. We've got to believe we can do that. When you get halfway there then you've done a great job,” said DSO CEO, Patrick Kidd.

A big thank you to the 350+ people who tuned in to receive an update on our major progress to date as we shined a spotlight on our mission to digitally upskilling Australia!

A special thank you to our wonderful panelists Kate Pounder, Rachel Bondi, Michael Howard and Michelle Dowdell for sharing their valuable insights as we discussed what we must collectively do to close the Australian digital skills gap.

Key takeaways:

  1. Digital skills are needed by everyone, and every employer.
    Digital sits at the heart of the future success of any industry and impacts every worker. The Australian technology industry generates $167 billion in output per year and employs 861,000 Australians. The boom in tech related jobs means there are now more software engineers and developers in Australia than hairdressers, plumbers, or high school teachers.
  2. There is a pressing need for digital skills pathways and investment in entry-level talent:
    For Australia to reach its full potential, we need clear digital pathways that respond at speed to technology changes and can be applicable across multiple industry contexts. For employers, there is an incredible obligation to invest in entry level talent and bring the pipeline of talent through to the workforce. Not only will this increase entry level access, but it will open opportunities for everyone to upskill and reskill, including those who traditionally might not have ever considered a career in technology.
  3. Authentic engagement and collaboration is vital to closing Australia’s digital skills gap:
    Our partnership with the Tech Council of Australia is a practical manifestation of how the sector is coming together to address the tech talent shortage in Australia. Through the formation of a united coalition, called the Digital Employment Forum, we will bring together major tech employers and educators to transform Australia's approach to attracting and training tech workers. For more information, see here.

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