Skill Finder - Start exploring free courses today!

Skill Finder - Start exploring free courses today!

What is Skill Finder?

A world-first digital micro-skills marketplace available to all Australians!

With the ability to learn at your own pace, Skill Finder will enhance the skills and competency of the Australian workforce by providing people with in-demand, instantly usable digital micro-skills from top technology businesses.

Bringing together thousands of FREE online courses and micro-skills, Skill Finder is powered by some of the world's leading technology platforms and software providers including Atlassian, Adobe, Microsoft and Canva.

You can learn what they learn, for zero cost!

Uplifting Digital Skills - Reinvent yourself!

In developing an open and inclusive approach to uplift the digital skills of Australians, the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) advocates for a simplified digital skills sector, ensuring training meets the needs of employers.

“Building digital citizens is a way of life in the digital world,” said the Chief executive officer of the DSO, Patrick Kidd.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Skill Finder and the many great companies that have provided courses to advance this free online capability. By assessing a person's digital awareness, connecting them to the courses that may be most useful to them and recognising the training they have completed, Skill Finder is a simple yet powerful digital upskilling tool that we are proud to support.”

In an ever-changing digital world, Skill Finder is committed to connecting the Australian workforce and small to medium businesses to new learning opportunities.

"We at Skill Finder are proud to be working with the DSO as the visions for both companies are so aligned in helping to ensure Australians have the skills they need to take advantage of the jobs that industry will create," said the Managing director of Skill Finder James Horne.

"The platform provides an opportunity for every Australian to up-level their knowledge with transferable and useful micro-skills that are FREE, immediate, and provided by the global industry tech companies."

Through Skill Finder, thousands of FREE online courses from global leading tech companies will be available for you.

Are you looking to upskill, update, re-train or simply learn something new? Start exploring free courses today!

From Business Tools, Cloud Computing, Coding, Computer Basics, Customer Service, Data Analysis and Management, Design, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning and AI, Project Management, Security and Small-to-Medium Business, there’s a course in there for everyone!

Starting exploring free courses today by visiting: Explore Courses Now

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