Closing Australia’s digital skills gap one pilot project at a time

Closing Australia’s digital skills gap one pilot project at a time

Did you know that almost half (48.3%) of IT graduates from the VET sector struggle to secure employment 6 months post qualification?

The reality is, Australia’s current digital skills training system fails to meet industry requirements.

In order for Australia to keep up with the changing needs of technology, a shift in how we educate, train and guide learners through the digital sector is critical to building an Australian workforce fit for the future.

This is where we come in...

As part of the Australian Governments Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow package, we at the DSO are working with an array of industry bodies and training providers to help digitally up-skill Australia.

Over the next coming months, various pilot projects will be running in support of simplifying the digital skills sector ensuring training meets the needs of current and future employers.

Through this simplification of digital career pathways and efforts to make world-leading training more accessible, we can bring more diverse groups of people through the digital education system and into employment. With more of the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, think about the opportunities this could provide for not only learners and employers, but even our nation's economy?

And so, as we kick off in redefining our national training system to be one that is flexible, fast and responsive to industry requirements, we are incredibly excited to have our first of many pilot programmes officially underway!

The Train 100 Data Analysts Pilot

With collaboration being at the heart of our approach, the ‘Train 100 Data Analysts’ project looks exactly like that. Collaborative.

Designed to test innovative solutions for sourcing, training and securing Data Analysts into employment, our first pilot is taking a major step forward in meeting the digital workforce needs of tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the key aims that the T100 pilot is working to achieve:

1. Provide students with the opportunity to thrive in a system that incentivizes ‘lifelong learning.’

2. Improve consistency of training quality that meets the needs of the employment market.

3. Increase employer confidence in the depth and breadth of graduate skills.

4. Accelerate and facilitate the transition to a new career in technology.

This means better outcomes for learners, who will finish their training and hit the ground running; for employers, who will have a supply of industry-ready employees to enhance their business; and for the workforce of Australia, who will be equipped with the digital skills they need for the jobs of today and of tomorrow.

But why train Data Analysts?

It’s simple!

Data analysts are the foundation for helping shape our nation's digital footprint. By developing widespread digital capabilities through a training system that is not only fast and agile but trains you according to specific industry needs, there’s no limit to who can become a technologist!

Sounds promising, right?

Well, we wouldn't be anywhere without the help of our outstanding training providers who will be at the forefront of delivering unique training processes to help propel students forward into dynamic digital roles.

After a competitive bid that saw a number of participants contribute to the solution development process of improving the current digital training system, we are proud to award contracts to online learning provider, General Assembly, Indigenous ICT training provider Goanna Education, and TAFE Queensland.

These three training providers will go on to embody an employer-led construct that allows them the opportunity to produce digital course content specific to employers’ needs. Following the fulfilment of the first pilot, each provider will have the chance to extend their programs to train over 1,000 data analysts.

With incentives encouraging successful graduates employment security at the end of their course, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kidd says the DSO aims to "streamline the process of training to ensure the right people with the right skills are in the right jobs.”

As we begin rolling out the first of many pilots, we look forward to bringing you along on an exciting journey of digitally up-skilling Australia!

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