Canberra Cyber Hub - Employer Forum

Canberra Cyber Hub - Employer Forum

Canberra Cyber Hub - Part 2

Canberra, Wednesday Jun 8, 2022.

This week, in conjunction with the Canberra Cyber Hub, the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) held a workshop for local employers. The purpose was to collaborate on a new, innovative work-integrated training approach to address the cyber skills shortage experienced by all facets of the industry.

Despite the cold outside, there was warmth and energy inside the workshop that generated insightful and poignant discussions. Dr Geethani Nair, DSO’s Director of Digital Skills and Concepts, helped orchestrate the proceedings, allowing employers to come together to share their thoughts on the proposed models by the DSO.

Out of the employer forum workshop came five key takeaways:

  • Employers agree that commitment from the industry to support training (provided via internships, traineeships, and other training models) will quicken the development of entry-level workers with industry-relevant cyber skills.
  • This development, it was agreed, must be conducted in a shorter amount of time (compared to the time taken to obtain traditional qualifications for cyber roles)
  • Employers are committed to supporting and testing this model with the Canberra Cyber Hub Pilot project that DSO will host in partnership with the Canberra Cyber training providers.
  • There was strong backing from employers to explore alternative training models to traditional qualifications and trial recruitment based on skills rather than qualifications.
  • Employers saw the DSO Cyber Skills Standard as a superb mechanism for aligning the Canberra Training eco-system and employers around a common taxonomy of cyber skills.
Digital Skills Standards describe the skills and the associated level of performance to undertake specific functions in the workplace. Standards allow learners to have something which they can be assessed against and give employers more confidence about the people they employ.

The feedback on the skills standard far surpassed any expectations the DSO may have had about being the right course of action. Employers fully endorsed the skills standard's validity and usefulness in drawing all stakeholders to achieve shared outcomes and align on the skills-based model.

This second workshop further extended the lessons learned from the previous session where training providers were invited to help build a cybersecurity micro-credentials model. The implementation of the model focussed on attracting and preparing new talent for entry-level cyber roles and making them into becoming cyber professionals through a model that utilised 'Learning in the Flow of Work,' which integrates study with work.

Want to know more about DSO's model and skill standards? View our Discussion Paper or visit our YouTube channel to quickly learn about what we’re driving towards. And, if you have time, we would love your view on these. Complete the 5 min survey here.

Additionally if you, like organisations we have worked with on the first two parts of our Cyber Hub experiment, would be interested in contributing and taking a similar approach, please subscribe for updates.

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